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Saturday, October 15, 2011

For Sale: Loudspeakers

Last Update: Jan 10, 2016
  • ATC A7 Not the later SCM7; looks more like SCM10. Rose colored wood. There is a significant difference in color of the 2 units. One corner slightly marred. Overall in good condition. $5,000.
  • JBL 4312A Black. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $8000.
  • Pioneer S-A4SPT-PM Almost new with original box and packing. Under 100 hrs. Perfect. $3,500.
  • Audio Physic Step Legendary small speakers and if you ask me one of the best ever from this company. Comes with original stands. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $7,300.
  • KEF LS3/5A. Rosewood. Slight lightening of color in one speaker. Perfect working condition. $13,800.
  • Harbeth LS3/5A Walnut, single-wire. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $15,000.
  • Proac Response 1 Black. This is the best first generation, with metal-boxed outboard crossover, not the inferior 1S or 1SC. Reasonable cosmetic and perfect working condition. $5,300.
  • Lowther TP1 Near perfect cabinet is rare version with the curvy and sexy Queen Anne's legs. I have 4 drivers that need some repair work. This is ultra rare and very expensive. Email me with your telephone number.
    • Tannoy Canterbury HE Rare! Perfect working condition. This is the version before the SE. Wood is in good condition but certain areas will look even better with a waxing.  One woofer has small area of paper discoloration (probably due to humidity) which does not affect performance. Binding post changed to ultra high quality single wire by previous owner (I am second). If you read my Blog, I personally believe the HE has better bass than the several SE's that I have heard. Comes with original wax, keys to grills. $65,000.
    • 47 Lab 4737 Alnico loudspeaker Perfect Condition. $12,000.

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