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Monday, September 26, 2011

For Sale: Preamplifier Amplifier Combo

Note: Sold only as a set.

  • Bryston 0.4B + 3B 0.4B Line preamp is in excellent cosmetic and working condition, except some scruff marks on top. 3B amp is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. This is the more desirable one with coiled power cord. Please note the 3B is the original version , not the later ST and SST. $7,300.

For Sale: Integrated Amps Tube

Note: Many of the so-called integrated amps in recent years are just amplifiers with passive volume knob and selector functions. You can max the volume and use it as an amp. Therefore I separate them into 2 sections.

True Tube Integrated Amps:

  • Fisher X-101-C 110V. Very good cosmetic and excellent working condition. No wood case. All stock, never repaired. Absolutely quiet and stable. Comes with a quad of old-stock 7591 (test strong) and generic small tubes. $5,800.

Tube Amps with passive volume and selector knob:

  • ICL Model 1 2A3 amp. Perfect cosmetic and working condition. Original Chinese 2A3 and metal 6SJ7 tubes (never really used). Clean original box. $5,300.
  • ICL Model 1 300B amp. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. Chinese 300B tubes and metal 6SJ7 tubes. $5,300.
  • San Ei 三栄無線 PK-011 6BM8 SE amp (pic here) 100V. Assembled. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $2,800.

For Sale: CD Players Transports DACs

Updated Jan 10, 2016

CD Players

  • Micromega CD-10 Perfect Cosmetic and working conditions. $2,000.
  • Marantz CD63 100V. Perfect cosmetic and working condition for this TDA-1541A machine. Marantz remote. $2,300.
  • Audio Research CD2 Perfect cosmetic and working condition. $12,000.
  • Studer A730 Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $22,000.
    Transport-DAC combo (only sold as a set)
    • Esoteric TEAC P-500/D-500 Very good cosmetic and working condition. No feet. Power cord has been cut and female IEC socket installed. Original remote. $5,300
    • 47 Labs Shigaraki Transport/DAC Very good cosmetics and perfect working condition. $17,000
      • DPA DPM-1 Very good cosmetic and working condition, with minor scratches. $2,300.

      For Sale: Tuners

      • Leak Troughline 3 This is the most famous UK tuner of them all. Excellent cosmetic and working condition, all stock with UK tubes. Mono of course; you need to use a multiplex decoder if you want stereo. $4000.

      For Sale: Integrated Amps Solid State

      Revised Jan 10, 2016
      • Copland CSA14 Hybird integrated in perfect cosmetic and operating condition. Has phono section! $5,500
      • McIntosh 1700 110V. This has one of the best tube tuner sections I have heard. Amp section is solid state. Overall in very good cosmetic and operating condition. No wood case. $6,500.
      • Micromega Myamp Like new, with remote, box and packing. $4000.
      • Mission Cyrus Two - Fully functional (phono tested), but cosmetically quite challenged. Good knobs but chassis has patches of discoloration. $2000.
      • Micromega IA-60 Perfect cosmetic and working conditions. $2000