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Monday, September 26, 2011

For Sale: Integrated Amps Tube

Note: Many of the so-called integrated amps in recent years are just amplifiers with passive volume knob and selector functions. You can max the volume and use it as an amp. Therefore I separate them into 2 sections.

True Tube Integrated Amps:

  • Fisher X-101-C 110V. Very good cosmetic and excellent working condition. No wood case. All stock, never repaired. Absolutely quiet and stable. Comes with a quad of old-stock 7591 (test strong) and generic small tubes. $5,800.

Tube Amps with passive volume and selector knob:

  • ICL Model 1 2A3 amp. Perfect cosmetic and working condition. Original Chinese 2A3 and metal 6SJ7 tubes (never really used). Clean original box. $5,300.
  • ICL Model 1 300B amp. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. Chinese 300B tubes and metal 6SJ7 tubes. $5,300.
  • San Ei 三栄無線 PK-011 6BM8 SE amp (pic here) 100V. Assembled. Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $2,800.

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