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Monday, September 26, 2011

For Sale: CD Players Transports DACs

Updated Jan 10, 2016

CD Players

  • Micromega CD-10 Perfect Cosmetic and working conditions. $2,000.
  • Marantz CD63 100V. Perfect cosmetic and working condition for this TDA-1541A machine. Marantz remote. $2,300.
  • Audio Research CD2 Perfect cosmetic and working condition. $12,000.
  • Studer A730 Excellent cosmetic and working condition. $22,000.
    Transport-DAC combo (only sold as a set)
    • Esoteric TEAC P-500/D-500 Very good cosmetic and working condition. No feet. Power cord has been cut and female IEC socket installed. Original remote. $5,300
    • 47 Labs Shigaraki Transport/DAC Very good cosmetics and perfect working condition. $17,000
      • DPA DPM-1 Very good cosmetic and working condition, with minor scratches. $2,300.

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